Clan Creator - Yakuza Kiwami 2 100% Trophy Guide (2023)

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Yakuza Kiwami 2 100% Trophy/Achievement Guide. If you enjoyed the video please like and subscribe. If you have any questions please drop a comment and I will answer as quickly as I can.


Hello and welcome to my yakuza, kiwami 2, 100 trophy guide video in this video we're going to talk about the clan creator mini game.

So for clang creator, basically, this takes up a lot of time in kiwami 2.

it's, an interesting minigame, where you just sort of control about 10 separate employees.

And then you sort of direct them to protect certain machinery in the construction yard, uh, it's, kind of like a very junior version of command and conquer.

If you've ever played those games like you select your character, you move them.

You move them.

They attack.

They do it all themselves pretty much.

So for first things first I'm going to show you where all the ammons are once you beat them in the substories.

So the first ones above the pub on tenkaichi street.

Second one is just north or to the right of ibizu porn.

So to the right of ibiza palm, but north from like going down from sushi gin.

If you go down that road and then up, uh, it'll, be there in a little parkway.

Third, one is located down the steps near theater square.

And you have to go through this little corner bit and there he is in the corner, he's, not very good jerome on.

I must say in my personal opinion, but uh, he is one of the amons.

So once you beat him in the substories, they actually just appear around town, you can recruit them.

So if you go to the far end of this street, I don't know which street that is that's, where is that street? Well, you just have to google that one, because I can't remember where it is, but never mind.

So the general idea of this is you want to do the easier missions.

First, you create your team.

So my team is full of vermons and some other people.

Uh, you want a healer in your team.

You want a decent buff.

So essence of beefcake is pretty good.

If you've got something that makes you invincible, please do that.

Uh, seriously.

He does a really good guide on this.

So I'll link you to his guide.

He gives you a full team and how to get those team members.

So if you want to focus on that, please do I did this kind of blind, uh, when I was playing it.

So I didn't really read a guide for it.

But after reading it afterwards, uh, xerxed is an amazing guide on everything yakuza.

But yeah, please check out.

Uh, his guide linked in the description, uh, it will give you so many tips and make things a lot easier and quicker and you'll get all the decent sort of buffs and things that help you progress a lot quicker.

So you can recruit people at the um, where west park is.

So in the top right corner of the map there's a big park area, and you go into the toilet and that's the opening to the construction site.

So imagine there, I think you talk to majima, and he gives you a list of options, and you can boost your, um equipment.

So you're, protecting the van.

In this case, uh, sometimes, it's crane, sometimes it's, you know, random transformers or whatever, um.

So if you get them up to full health, first, there's, some good p, perks that basically heal the equipment.

So it makes it really hard to lose.

I didn't actually have one of those perks, which was a bad idea.

I really should have because that would have made things so much easier, um.

But yeah, in terms of the actual gameplay itself.

You choose.

Ten is it? Ten people? One, two, three, four, five, six, seven, eight, nine.

You choose nine people, sorry.

And you just sort of place them wherever you wanna place them.

I would recommend placing them where the enemies are to start with.

And then splitting them up, sort of thing.

You get random money, drops and stuff like that, which boosts the amount of money you get.

So each perk on the left-hand side costs money.

So if I wanted to do the red, one that's, an actual, uh like a special move called twister and majima does that.

So if you go into a big group and use the twister it'll, generally kill most of them, uh, if you use essence of rainmaker, this one was specifically to get a load of points, um, basically that times fives the amount of money you get or points or whatever it is, um, which one of the trophies is basically get 200 000 points in one go.

And that is only available on one mission.

Uh, I think it's muto realty or something I can't, remember, uh.

And basically you can just easily get the money from doing that with the rainmaker ability.

A healer is always important.

So the greens, the healer ability these all cost money, though.

So you got to keep an eye on your money.

You get money throughout and for uh, killing the enemies and stuff.

So you need to move around the map make sure you're, uh, following people around the map, make sure you you can fight.

Whoever it is, I've sent him magimor on his own.

There he'll pretty much take out all of the enemies.

But yeah, so the fighting itself is done by uh, the computer.

So you don't have to do anything, really you can't help them out with certain buffs like the essence of iron heart there that will boost all of the defense there's, some really good buffs.

So you want to uh, check out cersei's guide on that.

I think the ones you want are the ones with invincibility and the ones with, um healing, the ones with probably a strength boost of some sort and uh, one that heals the transformers or the equipment and that'll get you through really easily.

I think, but I don't know which ones they are you'll have to read his guide to uh to see which ones they are because they're really useful, uh.

But yeah, essentially you want to like defend with three people you want to mix up their abilities just so you've got a bit of variety in case.

You need, you know, a bit of range if you need, um, you know, close quarters.

If you need someone with like, you know, crazy axes and two lightsabers and whatnot.

Um, it can be useful just having someone sat at the back shooting.

So like the healer generally has a gun, um, so they can do ranged attacks, which is quite useful.


So the the things at the bottom right hand corner, basically, that's like a heel for yourself.

And I think it might be a power boost as well, I'm, not 100 sure on that.

But basically you can cycle through the characters.

And if you want to heal them, if they're losing too much health, then you just press, y and that'll cost a thousand pounds to start with then two thousand, five thousand, etc.

Um, I don't know if it powers them up it might do if it does even better if not uh, yeah, who knows sorry about the quality here as well.

The uh, obs, just absolutely flopped.

Sometimes when I was playing this game and the actual game itself flopped as well quite a lot of time, which was annoying.

So when there's a bosch you want to gang up on them with as many people as you can, uh, if you quick off the mark, you can send over, you know, like 10 people to fight him, obviously it's only wave 5 at the minute.

So you don't want to uh, send everyone at him, but you do want to kill them as quickly as possible because they'll do a lot of damage to your characters and that's, not what you want in terms of the story there's like 20 missions, something like that and there's they're all sort of similar it's, the same concepts, but different maps and different bosses and different difficulty.

But for the most part, it's it's, pretty generally the same.

So you get awards, um for winning the full mission and the awards allow you to upgrade the characters, um in general, which will boost the health it'll boost all kinds of things so could be useful, uh to to upgrade them as soon as sooner rather than later, especially if you get decent ones, uh, early, if you want to do this later on, I think it unlocks in chapter five clan.

Creator, so if you want to do it, early, uh, you're, probably gonna miss out on decent-ish characters.

But uh, again, you can check syracuse's guide out for the decent characters.

Um, there is random talks, which I think syrix, z lists, all the answers for them, uh that you can do it's like a special sort of mini they go to the restaurant.

And you have to answer certain questions or whatever with whatever response you want to give.

And that can get you a fair few awards as well so useful to upgrade.

But yes, cersei's got the answers there, um it's, not particularly difficult.

You just move people around press a to direct them to where you want them to go.

And then they move around automatically within their range.

Sometimes they get a bit overzealous and start going out of range, which is annoying, but uh, you want to keep tabs on it.

And yeah, I mean that's that's pretty much it from me.

I would recommend reading series guide here genuinely because it is really really useful to get through it quicker for me.

I wouldn't have been doing half the stuff here that I was doing, uh, I would have had a better team would have invincibility to everyone would have been healing.

My machines, especially on the the later levels they get quite hectic.

You get rocket launchers and grenades and all this kind of stuff.

So yeah, it's, uh, it's, one of those.

But if you want to keep watching it'll give you some examples that this one particularly is for an achievement, um to get 200 000 in one go.

So if you want to take hints off that, I think I did a separate video for the actual trophy anyway.

But uh, I think later on I'll show you the last mission and how hectic it gets.

So if you want to like scroll to the the right on your thing, you'll, notice that it just gets absolutely chaotic.

So many bosses so many rocket launchers, almost lost in the end.

But uh, we didn't lose thankfully, but yeah, that's that's.

Probably it for this one.

If you want to keep watching feel free, hopefully that gave you some sort of guidance, but genuinely check out series guide, it will aid you if you're struggling on this at all.

So thank you very much for watching take care peace out if you enjoyed the video, please like and subscribe and enjoy the rest if you're watching much appreciated bye, um, hmm, oh foreign, oh yes and foreign dog.

Oh foreign, uh, dude.

John okay, be oh who's, oh oh uh.


Um, oh yeah, um you oh do, oh, um.

Um so who's there, uh, uh, uh, oh oh my foreign.

Oh, yeah.

Ah, there foreign.


What is the max level in Clan Creator kiwami 2? ›

Both employees and equipment/facilities can be upgraded to a maximum level of 10. Manager rewards obtained from completing missions can be used to strengthen members in your deck or recruit new members to your group, whereas money gained from Clan Creator can be used to straighten equipment.

How long does it take to 100% Yakuza Kiwami 2? ›

When focusing on the main objectives, Yakuza Kiwami 2 is about 18½ Hours in length. If you're a gamer that strives to see all aspects of the game, you are likely to spend around 76 Hours to obtain 100% completion.

Does Yakuza Kiwami 2 have missable trophies? ›

Nothing is missable. Complete the majima saga. You can do this later aswell but for story purpose id recommend doing it right after the story. Its a short story consistent of 3 chapters which takes around 2-3 hours to complete.

Who is the secret boss in kiwami 2? ›

In his first appearance, Jo is a hidden boss, only encountered after completing every substory successfully. As he believes himself to be the sole master of this world, he challenges Kazuma Kiryu to a duel, but loses, which then sparks a rivalry between the two.

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