What time is The Chase on today? And who are The Chasers? (2024)

What time is The Chase on today? And who are The Chasers? (1)

Make sure you don't miss an episode of The Chase!

The Chase has become arguably the biggest quiz on telly, with host Bradley Walsh and his band of chasers proving great entertainment.

Here is everything you need to know about ITV's award-winning quiz The Chase…

What time is The Chase on today?

The Chase is on Monday to Saturday this week (13th-18th May) at 5.00pm. And on Sunday 19th May there is a celebrity special of The Chase at 6.05pm featuring Strictly’s Anton Du Beke, comedian Alistair McGowan, new EastEnders star Adrian Edmondson and presenter Sarah-Jane Crawford.

What else is The Chase host Bradley Walsh known for?

Bradley, 59, has hosted the quiz ever since it started in 2009. But he's also known for his acting skills and is currently playing companion Graham O’Brien in Doctor Who. Bradley also proved a hit as Danny Baldwin in Coronation Street and his other TV credits include Law & Order: UK and SunTrap.

Who are The Chasers and what's the real name of The Governess?

Anne Hegerty

What time is The Chase on today? And who are The Chasers? (2)

Anne, who became a huge fan favourite on I’m A Celebrity… Get Me Out of Here! last year, has revealed that she based her Chase alter ego The Governess on a character from Harry Potter!

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“I modelled her on Professor Umbridge from Harry Potter, but people say I’m more Professor McGonagall, who’s more likeable,” said the 60-year-old.

“I didn’t set out to be liked – everyone’s supposed to be terrified of me. I’m surprised by the amount of viewers who want the Chaser to win!”

[Don't forget you can catch up on past episodes if you've missed one]

Mark Labbett

What time is The Chase on today? And who are The Chasers? (3)

Mark, who’s known as The Beast, has turned up as a contestant on other quiz shows. In fact, back in 2006 he scooped an impressive £32,0000 on Who Wants To Be A Millionaire?.

Talking about The Chase, Mark, 53, once said: “We take pride in it being a family show, which is part of the daily routine for millions of viewers.”

The Beast also towers above the contestants at 6ft 7!

Shaun Wallace

What time is The Chase on today? And who are The Chasers? (4)

Shaun, who’s a barrister by trade, is nicknamed The Dark Destroyer on the show. He has been a keen quizzer for years and back in 2004 he became the first black winner of Mastermind.

Despite being a brainbox, Shaun, 58, once told The Guardian that his “school reports were awful".

Paul Sinha

What time is The Chase on today? And who are The Chasers? (5)

Paul, who’s nicknamed The Sinnerman, is a qualified GP and a comedian. He made a hilarious appearance on Would I Lie to You? last year where he announced: “I’m the fifth ranked quizzer in the United Kingdom” to which host Rob Brydon replied: “All right, all right, don’t boast!.”

Jenny Ryan

What time is The Chase on today? And who are The Chasers? (6)

Jenny is known on the show as The Vixen. The 37-year-old recently revealed to The Manchester Evening News she’s having a great time on The Chase having joined it four years ago.

“It’s the best job in the world – it’s an absolute dream. It’s taken a lot of settling into because it’s such a huge show and brand but I’m enjoying every second of it," she said.

What time is The Chase on today? And who are The Chasers? (7)

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What time is The Chase on today? And who are The Chasers? (2024)
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